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 Personal Injury
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About Us

Bowman & McEntee

Attorneys at Law

Serving Fort Wayne

and NE Indiana

Since 1949

Chester Bowman


Michael R. McEntee

Indiana University School of Law

1977 with honors

Attorney # 9481-02


Personal Injury 

Automobile, Trucking, Motorcycle, Slip & Falls

  The firm represents injured persons. If you are injured because of the fault of another’s negligent conduct you may have a claim for damages or benefits. It is strongly advised that you seek the advice of an attorney immediately in order to protect your rights. There are often filing deadlines or other procedural requirements imposed by law which may bar your claim if you delay. They can be as long as 2 years and as short as 180 days, depending upon the particular matter. Evidence is often lost if not preserved immediately after a loss. Regardless of the type of claim, it is of the utmost importance that you contact counsel as soon as possible after an injury to yourself or a loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I am uninsured, does the collision automatically become my fault?

 No, the collision happened because the other party was negligent with their driving, not because of any insurance on your  part. The adjuster although may try to give you a percentage of fault, using the argument that knowing that you were uninsured  you should not have been driving in the first place.    

2. If I am unlicensed, or suspended, does the collision automatically become my fault?

           In most cases again the answer is no.  

3. Is the other insurance company responsible for my medical bills as I get them?

No, the other insurance IS responsible but not until you have finished treating with all medical doctors.  In the meantime in order to get those bills paid you may have medical payments coverage or group health insurance that will step in for you and pay these bills.  Understand that these companies will expect paid back from the settlement you get from the other party. 

4. If the other party is not insured at all, then what?

 You should check with your own insurance policy in this case.  If you have un-insurance coverage this coverage will substitute for the other with no penalty to you.  Your policy might abbreviate this coverage as UM. 

5. What if I was injured severely, and the other party does not have enough coverage for my injuries?

 Once again you should review your own policy.  In this case you would be looking for your own under-insured coverage.  This would cover any shortfall up to your limits of coverage.  Your policy might abbreviate this coverage as UIM.  

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